The Uses of Palm Oil

04 Nov

There are wide range of processed palm oil products nowadays. About 80% of all oil palm products are used for food applications, while the other 20% is used for non-food applications.

Edible uses of palm oil include:

The composition of palm oil, together with its natural consistency, appearance, pleasant smell and its resistant nature makes it an ideal ingredient in the development and production of a variety of edible oils, in particular margarines and fats. Palm oil is also ideal when making the following products: dry cake mix used for baking biscuits, cakes and sponge cakes, soaps, sauces, fat substitutes used when making condensed milk, powdered milk, non lacteous cream used in coffee and ice-cream.

Palm oil is also considered one of the best oils for frying. This is because it can resist high temperatures and does not produce unpleasant smells.Palm oil as such is used in the home, in restaurants and during the mass production of fried potatoes, French fries, puffy hor’dourves, pies, ring-shaped pastries and doughnuts.

Non-edible uses of palm oil include:
• Soaps and detergents
• Candles
• Cosmetics
• Lubricating greases for machinery used in the production of edible foods
• Grease for bread molds and bread making equipment
• Glue
• Printing inks
• Biodiesel
• Acids to lubricate fibers in the textile industry


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