Palm Oil : Great Vegetable Oil for Better Health

04 Nov

Palm oil is extracted from the oil palm fruits. An oil palm fruit consists of three main parts, namely the mesocarp, shell and kernel.

Palm oil is more than just your every day vegetable oil. It’s packed with nutrients that contribute to your daily energy needs. Palm oil provides a valuable source of beta carotene and vitamin E. Studies have found that tocopherols and tocotrienols, which are isomers of vitamin E found in palm oil, are antioxidants and may be associated with more favorable cholesterol profiles, and lower risk of heart disease and some types of cancer.

A member of the vegetable oil family, palm fruit oil is cholesterol free and it supplies our bodies with some basic daily energy needs.Palm fruit oil contains a variety of fats, vitamins and nutrients, but NO trans-fatty acids. Trans-fatty acids are found pre-dominantly in hydrogenated oils. Several recent studies have implicated trans-fatty acids in increasing the risk of cancer, interfering with fat metabolism, enhancing fatty deposits in the arteries, and reducing the body’s ability to rid itself of carcinogens, drugs and other toxins.

Palm fruit oil is made up of a mixture of fatty acids and contains valuable vitamins and nutrition that our bodies need. Human studies have shown that a palm oil-enriched diet does not raise the level of LDL or total cholesterol, and may even lead to lower plasma levels of LDL, the plasma cholesterol most commonly linked to heart disease. The majority of palm oil’s use in foods – in the baking of cookies and crackers, for example- is in a non-hydrogenated form.


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