The Effects of Alcohol on Health

30 Oct

Alcohol in alcoholic drinks can affect the functioning of the brain and the nervous system. Alcohol slows down the transmission of impulses between the brain cells, causing impaired judgement and poor balance.

Alcohol comes into direct contact with the mouth, throat, esophagus, abdomen and intestines as well as being absorbed into the bloodstream. Well being issues can start as headaches, feeling nauseated, sore throat or indigestion. Nonetheless, if alcohol abuse continues, these and different alcohol and well being symptoms can turn into extra severe sicknesses and diseases.

Alcohol effect on body health involved many organs in the body, lengthy-term heavy ingesting places you at risk for creating severe health circumstances and illnesses. Listed here are examples of long run effects of alcohol on the physique:

Liver Irritation and Cirrhosis of the Liver – liver irritation signs embody irregular yellowing of the skin, eyeballs and urine, fever and belly pain. And in the case of cirrhosis, as many as one in 5 heavy drinkers will develop cirrhosis of the liver. Alcohol is especially dangerous to the liver since the liver is needed to metabolize alcohol. Alcohol destroys liver cells, and it destroys the power of the liver to regenerate new cells.

Drinking alcohol any time during pregnancy can affect the baby. Every time a pregnant woman drinks, her fetus is exposed to alcohol. When she drinks, alcohol passes from the mother’s blood through the placenta to her baby. Since, alcohol crosses the placental barrier it can directly interfere with her baby’s development. Drinking alcohol during pregnancy can seriously affect the baby’s development. It results in irreversible damage during the baby’s development.

Drinking alcohol can also lead to spontaneous abortion and other pregnancy complications. The baby could develop a group of problems known as fetal alcohol syndrome(FAS). FAS leads to mental retardation, birth defects and developmental impairment.


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