Uses of Alcohol

29 Oct

Alcohol is one of the organic compounds which has many uses in our daily life.

a) Alcohol is widely used as solvent in making medicines. Alcohol such as ethanol is used as an antiseptics where iodine is dissolved in ethanol to produced iodine solution. Iodine solution is used as antiseptics on wounds.

b) Alcohol is used as a solvent for cosmetics substances, perfumes, ink, shaving lotion, skin conditioners, etc.

c) Alcohol is used to make chemical substances such as formalin, esters, and paints.Methanol is an example where alcohol is used in the making of methyl metacrylate. The methyl metacrylate monomer is used to make Perspex ( glass plastic).

d) Alcohol can be used as fuel.
e) Alcohol by product such as ester is widely used to manufacture artificial food flavourings. Esters like
i) Pentyl pentanoate tastes of apple
ii) Methyl butanoate tastes of pineapple
iii) pentyl ethanoate tastes of banana
f) Ethanol is used to make alcoholic drinks


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