Carbon Compounds

24 Oct

Carbon compounds are compounds made up of carbon and one or more other elements such as hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen. All living things are made of carbon compounds. There are two types of carbon compounds, namely organic compounds and inorganic compounds.
Organics compounds are carbon compounds obtained from living sources such as plants and animals. Examples of organic compounds are sugars, fats, proteins and fossil fuels. When heated , most organic compounds burn and give out heat energy. for example, fossil fuels such as petrol combine with oxygen chemically during combustion to produce a large amount of heat energy. Organic compounds normally do not contain metallic elements.

Inorganic compounds are carbon compounds obtained from non-living origins. Oxides of carbon such as carbon dioxide and carbonates such as calcium carbonate are good samples of inorganic compounds. Inorganic compounds are found naturally in the air, water or soil. Other than carbon and oxygen , metallic elements are also present in most inorganic compounds.


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