Safety features of a car

08 Aug

In making a car safer to drive, engineers have to overcome these two factors that are inertia effect and impulsive force. Here are some safety features incorporated in a car:

Safety belt – help to hold the passengers in their position during collision to prevent them from being thrown forward due to inertia.

Front and rear crumple zone – easily crushed to increase the time of impact.
Shatter-proof windscreen – it will not break into pieces easily.

Airbags – to increase the time of impact and to cushion the driver from being hitting the front of the car.

Passenger safety case – reinforced to protect passenger.
Collapsible steering – to increase the time of collision if the driver crashes against it.
ABS braking system – to prevent the car from skidding if sudden brake is applied.
Headrests – prevent the passengers from suffering severe neck injury.
Padded dashboard – increases time interval of collision so that impulsive force is reduced.


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