Electromagnet 2

15 Jul

Field Pattern of a Flat Coil

A solenoid is a long coil made up of a numbers of turns of wire.

The magnetic field of a solenoid resembles that of the long bar magnet, and it behaves as if it has a North Pole at one end and a South Pole at the other.

The right-hand grip rule can also be used to indicate the direction of the magnetic field around a coil. The right-hand grip rule for a solenoid, in this case, the thumb points towards the north pole of the magnetic field while the fingers indicate the direction of the current in the solenoid.

Magnetic Field Strength

A magnetic field exists whenever a current is present. When an electrical appliance is switched on, there is a magnetic field around it. The field strength increases with current. Thus, a stronger magnetic field exists near appliances which use a bigger current. However, the strength of the magnetic field decreases with distance from a current-carrying source.

Electric fields are shielded by most objects, such as walls, buildings and trees but magnetic fields are not. In spite of being buried in the ground, magnetic fields of power lines are still not eliminated.


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