Varieties of cell structure diagrams

13 May

plant cell structure diagram picture

Cell Wall

  • Found only in plants, the cell wall is made of cellulose (a polysaccharide).
  • It’s found just outside the cell membrane and is permeable to most substances.
  • It forms a rigid outer boundary and confers plant cells their unique shapes.
  • Main function is to provide support and protection for the plant cell.


  • Exists as a pair near the nucleus
  • Plays a part in the separation of chromosomes during cell division.


  • Organelles that can capture energy from sunlight and combine carbon dioxide and water to form glucose in a process called photosynthesis.
  • Contains the green pigment chlorophyll.


  • Consists of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) bound to proteins (found in the nucleus).
  • During cell division, chromatin condenses to form distinct threadlike structures called chromosomes.


  • Can be in a liquid (sol) state or semi-solid (gel) state.
  • The site for most of the chemical activities of the cell

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