Asexual Reproduction and Sexual Reproduction

05 May

There are two types of reproduction, i.e.
(a) Sexual reproduction
(b) Asexual reproduction

Sexual reproduction is a process of producing a new individual through the fusion of one male reproductive cell (male gamete) with one female reproductive cell (female gamete). Animals typically produce male gametes called sperm, and female gametes called eggs and ova.

During sexual reproduction, the nucleus of both the male and female gametes fuse through fertilisation process and a zygote is produced. This zygote will develop to form new individual. Organisms that carry out sexual reproduction include humans, all vertebrate animal, insects and most flowering plants.

Asexual reproduction is reproduction without sex.In this form of reproduction, a single organism or cell makes a copy of itself. This type of reproduction is common among microorganisms like bacteria and some single-cell organisms, for example, amoeba. Many plants also reproduce asexually.



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